January 13, 2006

The F-ing G5 mouse.

"d00d, u Fing spend Fing 4K on a Fing MOUSE????"

okai.. this is the the question (well.. variations too) i am asked always when they see me usin a black n orange colored mouse on the PC... it has a rough finish.. burnt look ... looks solid tho. this is my mouse - the logitech G5 Laser mouse.

for the uninitiated - check out this link : Logitech

this is, to an average user or newbie, a ergonomically shaped mouse that uses a LASER tracking system rather than the ball mosue from stone ages or the LED based mouse used today.. this is a mouse tat is going to be the standard of the future.

well.. plain n simple... i love technology. i brought a PC, an year ago.. i got the same q - u spend SO much on tat PC? .why?... i like havin a technology edge...

well.. coming back to the topic of the mouse.. its MADE for gaming. now again.. spending 4 k for gaming.. GOD... tats wat is probably comin to ur mind now.. well if u ask me .. its same as asking the cricket team why they use stuff that are so expensive.. u get a cricket bat for 300 bucks n also a bat tat costs 5 grand. so do u ask the same thing to a cricketer?..

okai.. another analogy... say.. u are takin an exam ... u want to get good marks ... and wanna be the best among the lot atleast. so wat can u do abt tat ...

1) study
2) have the rite stuff tat wil help u do well.. - good pen, pencils, compass, eraser, all tat...

so.. if u study well.. and don 've the rite stuff.. u can stil perform.. but definitely it wud be better if u had those. now when the students takin the exam along wit u are also equally well learned .. then the "rite stuff" wil really help.. (Obviously.. some1 wit the BEST stuff but no learnin... is going to be of no real challenege)

its somethin like tat... gaming requires a lot of skill,dedication n passion. but along wit that.. comes the need to have the rite stuff.
As i play better skilled players.. the RITE stuff helps compensate it.
Its SKILL + a good gear tat helps me be among the best i know, in person.

skill alone wil do when u are up against a weak opponent. but when ur opponent is equally skilled.. then the rite gear is needed.

so tat answers ONE part o the question i am being asked.

now there is another side to it. - money.
the mouse cost me... err.. my father - 4 grand. so is it worth it? .. well u jus gotta ask me friends who play against me.. or hell.. jus try me! and yes.. its worht every single penny spent on it.

one negative side tho - its ADDICTIVE .. it offers so much control, accuracy and the response is so fast... (to the ppl who know wat to do wit it..its not jus clicking... there is lot more, trust me.). Gaming was never more fun.



kickassso said...

erm, i spent .8k on a laser mouse...
and only s/w switching tho
but damn good vfm:>

Sp^wN_0F_S^T^N said...

now THAZ wat im TALKIN bout d00d!! HELL yeah!!! 6^|\/|3 0|\|!!! >:)

$n^K3 said...

lol....anyway..nice to read!!!

duttan said...

heh heh.

cash wise, i think getting your ex-weapon was a good deal for me!

>|' ; '| said...

very true...

even i can take headshots with shyams mx 518...shots which i cant even dare manage to hit with my basic optical..

Achilles said...

dude i agree to ur theory that a special tools are needed for expert gaming
but it counts ost when u get the same results with the same primitive tools
(doesnt include graphics card & memory)

korn said...

mouse aint all that important except in international status