June 7, 2006

One of those really good fwds..

I just got this as a fwd.. .thought I should share this wit u ppl..

one o the best fwds I 've ever got. Perhaps I like it cuz I can relate myself to most of those lines.

June 1, 2006

A bl0g.

AAAHHH....2/3 weeks to university exams and we still dunno when our exam will start, for sure. My results came out. disappointing 63%. tho i cleared everything. now my total is jus a shade below or dead on 68%. Infosys cut off. oh well.. thats the least of the thoughts troubling me.

I really dunno why I am typing this out now. Guess its cuz I don 've any1 to talk, at the moment. Went for a small get-together today noon. me n 5 o my schoolmates. it was different this time. Old memories n stories were in the air...[ along wit the smell of the curries.. (sri krishna inn.. ;)) )]. recollecting on wat n how the schooling days were like. Wow.. it was amazing. like taken back in time. thinking of how it all got us where we are now. 5 outta 6 today have been studying there since 1st std. and outta the 5 .. and 2 o us have been in the same class since 1st! tho he has never been the really close to me. well.. tats not important anymore. Nostalgia.. After we all were talking abt it.. I could very well remember every damn year oh-so-clearly!.

Now I am thinking of the last 4 years. which, along wit my 11th n 12th, is all i really want to rememeber. the years before em - lets jus say - there is nothing to be really "aah.. wow.. yeah.. tat was fun" abt. Coll life has changed me a lot. my character.. n even how i look .. my schoolmates on orkut couldnt even recognize me from my pic.. :)). and few o em had a shock when they met me today.. they were meeting me after a LONG time.. hehe.

I have already posted abt these years I guess.. simply amazing. the last few months have been of my college.. since feb - will never forget em. It has changed everything for me. The entire class has changed. I can say tat our class has by far been one o the best my coll has ever had. as a batch - we are >>>> than our juniors.. (nothin against them, jus a fact.. and i am giving a general opinion. not picking any1 in specific. there are prodigies in various fields among the juniors) .. but collectively we are a much livelier n joyful group. even considering the seniors - must say - they were really an awesome batch .. we were jus good enough to take their best n improve upon it.

Abt my class... this is how - 1st year - I joined my batch after getting an option to do so. i was in the applied electronics batch for 1 week.. from the day I entered 2002.ec batch - I could see the division of groups in the class. Quite a bad one - merit quota students n mgmt seat students. Quite a sad sight - the front rows n the back rows had virtually now friendly connections. I still dunno how it was among girls.. tho it wouldnt matter.

I was stuck b/w two worlds.. I had joined on merit quote.. wit the rank 518. ( i think logitech somehow found abt it.. and renamed their newer mx version to mx518 .. :P ). back to the topic - I found it real weird.. as my mind wasnt in tune wit those amongst the merit guys/gals .. they were all wat ppl wud call "padipist" and the ones who dont really enjoy "college life". my friends were all amongst those in the mgmt .. and quite frankly i found the company better.. and more lively. Me n 2 or 3 o us were like the bridge b/w the 2 groups. (tho the groups existed - it was mutually exclusive.. no enemity). Then the group structures changed.. here n there..

This was so till .. umm.. say - the 3rd year - till we had gone for our trip to mangalore, coorg. Things started to change. the groups started to disappear. relationships changed. The entire class was starting to work as a single unit. The change can only be felt.. atleast, I dunno how to type it out. And come final year.. our class now has no internal groups, tho some ppl are closer to certain others .. etc etc.. tats not the point anyway. now there is a seamless connection b/w all o em.

This change from groups to a single group - EC, make our class different from the rest where the reverse is wat is seen. tho AE is very similar.. but tat wud be wit due thanks to the fact that the 95% o the class are guys.. ( :P .. jus friendly competition i should say.. EC > AE :D). But our class has a 3rd o girls and still the count seems so meaningless.. the "oneness" is somethin to be felt. The teachers agree as well. Any1 who has seen us together know how it is. >:D< EC!

well .. tats it I guess. I 'll be doing a take on each o my classmates as i get time.. i have to get back to my studies now.. 4 modules is todays target. 2.5~3 done. need to finish the rest.

here is to the best group any1 could ever be in.. RASET.EC.2002 batch pwnz ALL!
will never forget this last sem .. not a minute of it..
love ya,