December 26, 2005

My case for faith and God.

My views on god, religion.. - a very random post.
Well, this is not, probably, going to be organised. read on.

okai, i had this chat wit 2 o my friends. The topic was the existence of God. Now, there MIGHT be (cuz i myself dunno to wat extent i'll take it) views that can be offending. and don bite back incase u don agree.

Okai, the question was WHY is there a NEED for GOD? ....

This is wat i believe - There is NO need for one. well why? .. okie .. simply cuz .. i find there is NO need for one. Is there anything we cant do without having to pray or believe tat god is doing this for us? No. i cant seem to find ONE single reason (otherthan - say - start of the universe, why the world is the way it is..)... everything else can be shown to be or proved usin our knowledge of physics, maths, .. or any other science... even art.

Then, yes... there ARE claims o miracles, our history which we shouldnt be
negelecting , hmm.. which point to the reasons for existense of an almighty force... well.. let me quote a post i came across.. which was made by my friend.

history is just something that MEN passed down through the generations, either through stories (which ARE, and always will be STORIES) or writing (again, something what some guy wrote down...u cant trust people to be completely truthful....there will always be factors left that person's mindset, personality, etc. etc.).....and have you heard about "The Dark Ages" where innocent people were burnt at the stake just because other people felt they were practicing sorcery or witchcraft?? IMO I think it was like.....the people accused of witchcraft were just a bit different from the "normal" people (normal=majority of the population, not necessarily meaning "NORMAL").....and the "normal" people just found an excuse to get rid of them. These are the kind of people who WROTE the history that you talk about. Do you really trust them NOT to distort the facts and report incidents as they happened without some of their prejudices and personal thoughts/ideas rubbing off on the "history" they recorded??

And about the "miracles" you really think they really ARE miracles, and not unusual coincidents that have been passed along thru da generations, each generation adding their own interpretations to it?? For example.........In hindu mythology, avatars of gods and devils took human form and fought in flying chariots, throwing thunderbolts and breathing fire. WHAT IF.........what really happened was.....a tyrant king tried to take over his neighboring territory, ruled by a just ruler.....they fought a battle and the goody-goody king won. A couple of generations later, a soldier who fought in the war saw the kings fighting in 2 chariots speeding all over the battlefield, shouting abuses @ each other and shooting a bunch of arrows. Now that soldier tells his grandson about the whole thing.....and since he can't tell the kid that the kings were actually yelling "F**K you mofo, I aint gona let u take over MA territory, Ima RIP you a NEW ONE!!!" and "Yeah, u goody goody pansy?? Im gona make you wanna get back into ur momma's T**T!!"......he tells the kid they breathed fire @ each other. And since he doesnt want to scare the kid about arrows piercing the enemy soldiers' armor and the blood oozing out n stuff like that.....he tells him that they were throwing thunderbolts @ each other. The KID grows up, believes all that the grandpa sez, and passes it on. The fact that this is an age of superstition doesn't help ONE bit.

Like the above example?? I personally think THAT'S what happened all along, with variations of course. There will always be dumbasses in every generation dumb enough to believe this shit."

that was his reply to "arent there so much tat has been passed on thru generations ..the history n miracles" ... and had i not been lazy enough to type it all.. i wud've expressed the same view.

more evidence tat can be stacked up against the need to believe in god - how much of corruption n all such evil... murder, rape, robbery, name it .. and its happening out there.. no control watso ever.. ..where is god doing anything good???

all i find ppl do is - pray, n stil.. no use!... wtH.. instead o praying, cant they jus do things that are good... somethin useful to others.. sigh... rarely happens.

Its all in the head ... its wat we think. even if we start thinking tat there is no need for god, we can still do everything we do.. and even more if we jus believe tat we can... the mind is the door, imagination is the key, and self control and a right mindset should be the guard at the door.

next up - religion - totally f-ed up, i wud say, TODAY's religions i wud say... all they seem to advocate is hatred towards other belief's, promote communal violence.. all on the name of , yeah - GOD. WTH!.. are these ppl outta their damn minds? maybe ppl should start understanding tat religion is purely man made n also tat the REAL books o each o these religions NEVER advocate tat ONLY tat religion is rite... all they say is to love one another, to live in peace n harmony wit fellow human beings. when wud ppl start understanding this??? :-<. HUMANITY IS THE REAL N ONLY RELIGION ...GET IT??

not totally going against the beliefs ... there are certain positives in believing in god - like -

"People have been raised in different ways, in different corners of the planet.....the only thing that unites them all is religion, or the belief in a supreme being. you know what I mean. So, religion is not a bad thing.....if it is used to bring people together. its good to have FAITH, and use it as a crutch when you're mentally reduced to a pulp, for some reason or the other........."

- by my friend... yes... a bit lazy to type my own version .. which wud be the same thing. (its 0027..sleepy.. :D)

well.. thats my POV o the whole idea....
believe watever u do believe in. doesnt make a difference when u are sure tat u are not cheating urself n tat its somethin helpful for others.

comments are welcome. (tho i don't intend on arguing.. as there wil be no winners.. u know it.)


December 25, 2005


Hey ppl, been a while, huh? well.. exams all over.. and i am sittin at home.. bored... its X'mas .. still.. no plans.

waiting for friends to come in the evening.. tats the only plan... play n spend time chatting.

jus read thru GDP's blog... ( and came across this test - What temperment are u?

this was the result i got -
You Have a Phlegmatic Temperament

Mild mannered and laid back, you take life at a slow pace.
You are very consistent - both in emotions and actions.
You tend to absorb set backs easily. You are cool and collected.

It is difficult to offend you. You can remain composed and unemotional.
You are a great friend and lover. You don't demand much of others.
While you are quiet, you have a subtle wit that your friends know well.

At your worst, you are lazy and unwilling to work at anything.
You often get stuck in a rut, without aspirations or dreams.
You can get too dependent on others, setting yourself up for abandonment.

guess its quite correct...(tho not ENTIRELY ) those who know me well enough will definitely agree.

well... now thinking of writing about a topic that is so often argued/debated (n all tat ) upon... abt god.. its coming up. stay tuned ;)


November 16, 2005

Welcome to my world.


So who am i? .. I am Suraj A.B. A 4th year student doing electronics and communication engg @ rajagiri school of engg n tech. I am 6' tall, abt 3' wide .. yup.. a huge guy.. abt 88kg. :D!

My interests - GAMING!!.. i am wat any layman or even many o the non-comp freaks call - 'crazy about games".. i change tat statement slightly... "passionate abt gaming!" .. yup.. i am a driven gamer... a gamer driven by a desire to win... and i don give a DAMN abt ppl who think gamin is jus kid's play... bring it ON.. i'll show u wat a gamer is made up of... i jus cant give up.I'll write more on gaming later.

other interests - chatting, listenin to music.. dependin on my mood.. so tat means.. collecting music... :D, i spend a lotta time wit my friends.. i like readin stories.. good ones .. like those by richard bach. now i'm readin P.G. Wodehouse (which for some reason, which i cant seem to comprehend, my friends jus cant agree upon...tat i am readin this cuz i like readin the "book"... fools) .. am not much into readin anyways.. read tech mags otherwise.

wat more do u want to know abt me?.. post a comment.. if i find it 'bloggable' ..wil do. :)

peace. :)>-