February 17, 2006

The tag of hate......

Get up, come on get down with the sickness
Open up your hate, and let it flow into me
Get up, come on get down with the sickness
You mother get up
Come on get down with the sickness
You f**ker get up
Come on get down with the sickness
Madness is the gift, that has been given to me"

- Down with the sickness by Disturbed.

now, I dunno exactly why i put tat chorus part there... but somehow it suits the situation.... and the situation is tat i have been tagged by GDP.
...err.. no no... not mad at him.. but the tag this time is for bloggin abt things i hate/dislike.

I am not too sure how many such things are there... lets find out... these arent in any order of "preference" (if u may call it so)... jus typing em down as it comes to my mind... okai.. lets get started.. (puttin on tat song ... >:)! )

=> Dishonesty - ABSOLUTELY HATE IT.
No compromise on tat .. I mite not react.. but trust me.. that relation is over for sure.

=> Talking behind the back - Now, tats so lame... aint it?? no guts? BAH.. suxOr. If u got somethin to say.. SAY it on my face... be a man! (ohkai.. if u are a girl... then... stil applies... not the "be a man" part tho :P! .. so either way.. SAY IT!)..

=> Ppl who make comments unnecessarily - I did say, I keep away from em... I am really mild mannered.. very calm.. but once I lose it... no control.. anything goes.. I rarely regret somethin I do. Come on, wats the need to comment on things jus like tat .. esp when it has nothin to do wit em??

=> Okai, coming to the state o the city n all... jus like tat... as it comes in things i hate - The traffic... FRACK!!!!!!!! OMG, cant ppl jus drive wit sense????? either they drive as if its time for them to leave planet earth and determined to take a few along wit em... or they drive as if time has slowed down for them... :|... OMG!!!

=> Oh this is an easy one - POLITICIANS!!! =)) AND X-( .. these mofo's... i did say 99% o em.. to the rest 1% - i am sorry.. ur achievements are MORE THAN OVERSHADOWED by the rest... sad case. :(.

Jus take this - the city is already friggin full wit traffics.. and in the rush hours.. on the main roads... they have march/protests... retards! :|. and now the next month, the congress / bjp .. i don a f anyways, they are having some political rally here... rite when we cant even drive around properly.. dear me.. why are ppl actually supporting all this CRAP?

=> Beliefs - Okai, now this... I believe in somethin... u can read the blog below for tat... and I don press my belief on any1... And its better to leave one to theirs... I've seen ppl sayin tat they are rite abt their religion, their faith - BULLSHIT... none it is proven.. who the frack can say they are rite? For me, I believe in Truth . I don believe in religion cuz what is being practiced today.. atleast as far as i can see it.. is a waste o time.. and NOT wat the real books on those religions say.

=> Coming to computers - I hate slow PCs, cluttered desktops, bad-tracking mice, broken keyboards, screwed up headsets or bad speakers... dark monitors... hehehe..

=> in gaming... i hate cheaters/haxOrs, ppl who play wit a negative attitude REALLLLY take it from me...

=> ppl who show jada.. no need to explain...

=> I hate answering more than a page in my b.tech papers... =)) .. i am very much to the point... i am not the one who goes around the bush ... and writes long answers... i answer, like spawn says - "short and l337"!!.. but friggin problem is tat i don get enough marks to justify my capablities... one thing is the answers are short.. but they DO contain the points... and M.G univ gives marks like as if they weigh it and then put the marks :|.

=>I HATE ppl saying Gaming is for kids... I can write an entire blog sayin why its not.. i wil.. maybe SOME1 mite get it into their heads...

=> I hate the tamil movies... esp the new ones... and HINDI - ~X(!!!!!!!!!!!!! the new movies ... except "rang de basanti" and "swades"... rest - HYPERSUX0R!!!!!!!

=> Hate BSB and shitty music like tat...

=> Hate Mallu "mega" serials...

Okai.. tats abt it... if any.. i'll add em below this line!

next tag - spawn. :D
peace ppl...

February 11, 2006

She is the one...

Was tagged by Sp^wN. Rules:
1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims have to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged. (hehehe)
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again. (DUUH!!!)

This tough... hmmm.. getting down to think ...

(10 mins later, the keyboard is pressed...)

this person wil be referred to as 'she' (sorry spawn... cudnt think o another way to address the person atm :"> ;D)

as usual... this is going to be short.
=> She has to be honest... and yes.. there is NO compromise on that. absolutely straightforward, in-the-face type honesty.. no holding back. Its the way i am and i would like 'she' to be like that too. There are very few things that do make me really angry.. and one o that is dishonesty... and also shying away from telling somethin that has to be. Cuz thats one o the reasons relations break up. gets on my nerve ... she has to be clear on what she says, and shouldn't keep ANYTHING away from me. so thats point one - honest.

=> Should i say she should be pretty? that wud be a stupid statement... "beauty lies in the eye o the beholder" .. well she WUD DEFINITELY be pretty ..very pretty, atleast in my eyes, if i were to fall for her. ;)) ...

=> Faith - Free to believe what ever 'she' believes in. Follow ANY religion. But shouldnt, EVER, try to force it on me. It wont work. again one o those things i am a bit inflexible on. But nothin will stop her from following what she wants to.

=> NO smoking or drinking habits. No need to explain that. hehe

=> Should love to travel, with me of course. Not tat i am a multi millionaire who can take a trip around the world any day i want.. But i love travelling.. and going around places. So whenever such trips come around, she should be happy to be along. Even the walk on beach durin sunset, or, u know, those beautiful quiet roads, those - yeah...

=> Music- this can be as sensitive as faith thingy. I generally dont listen to malayalam music OR any o the new hindi movie songs.. they make me go :-& : ~X( ... even a few english artists like bsb. Not tat she has to be a fan o what i listen to - which is rather techno/trance/heavy metal to soft music and a few , yes VERY FEW, hindi songs. so she should be one who has some common tastes.

=> Dressing up and styling - Well upto her... she shouldnt be all the saree/salwar type... nor should she be one who spends more time at the beauty parlour than with me.. natural beauty is what appeals to me, and she wud look good without any make up.. sure abt tat!
(oh and she rather have long silky hair.... i myself have tho not REALLY long.. it is long enough.. and she cud really get jealous o tat ... hehehehe.. i cudnt keep that one down )...

=> Towards other guys -Wudnt mind her talking to other guys unless it gets ..u know.. otherthan that - i am cool wit that. no problems.

=> Computer related- "I'm talkin' keyboard bangin' multitaskin' RAM burnin' HARDCORE USER CHICK!!!
>:)" (hehehe.. this one line i picked straight from spawn's..perfect explanation o what i wud look for too)... and may i even say she should have some fragging skills??? teehee... okai.. that IS a bit too much to ask for... hell, i wont have time to play n all when i am wit her, will i??? hehe...

Well.. thats abt it. Oh now i guess i have to tag some1 else? - well... i got jus one person to tag - i dunno if he wud accept it - anyways -
Ashwin E, u are on!! :D

I am not the one who falls for any1 i see jus like tat. . i take my time.. but once i am sure, i wudnt have any problems telling her.

Hope i'll find her someday..... hehe.. i will.
peace. out.