April 25, 2007

I am required to kill, so I kill and thats enough.

Said the general - Maximus, the invincible. the gladiator. With those words, I re-start this blog.

Listening to "Leave no man behind" (Black Hawk Down O.S.T by Hans Zimmer).

Its been so long since I've blogged and I am having this major writer's block. Anyways.. typing in whatever is coming into my mind, as has been the case with all previous blogs. :D. So, here goes...

Its been 8months since I've come here - the IT city - the Air-Conditioned city - the beer capital - the 2nd most polluted city in India - 10th in Asia - Bengalooru (Bangalore as I prefer to call it). Joined Accenture on 18th sept'06. Training started on my b'day - 20th sept. I remember meeting my 1st friends, right from the induction program - Tom and Sabin. (The 2 other people I knew before I joined were - Suman and Nimisha). Life has been VERY smooth from then on. Never had hiccups - yes - perspective - I've never seen anything that has happened to be anything 'negative' (for some who might have a slightly different opinion :D). Was living as a paying guest for 6 months; and eventually moved in with 4 other Accenture-mates and good friends - Arun, Arindam, Gebin and Praveen - we call ourselves the BoW - Brotherhood of Wolves. hehe.. yeah.. just a funky name - we are one crazy group - crazy in every sense sans drinks n the likes. Crazy enough to play football inside the house with a proper, probably FIFA approve-able, football @ 11pm (mind you, its a flat - people stay above our floor, below our floor, next door, neighbouring flats.. )... play badminton @ 12AM, outside, play Heavy metal music (yep - likes of Metallica n Rammstein) early in the morning - 7AM, late night bike rides (ok, this might be common for some b'lore-ed crowd.), anyways... the point is - LIFE HAS been AND IS good. I am enjoying life, my way. No restriction, answerable to no1 except myself (technically only) - but I do maintain the 'decorum' (as me n Gangu used to say it in class... "please people, maintain the decorum..." :D .. and we were the 1st to break it.). Made a lotta new friends. Some really good ones.

Thats like the gist of the last 8 months. (Oh ya.. I do have my own bike now :D, if u didn't know).

I changed the song - "Pain of Salvation - A Trace of Blood".

I just sometimes get lost in all the thoughts - you know - how things have been - all the good times - nostalgia hits me hard - well, thats the way things are and I am not going into it anymore. Have blogged enough on that, imo. Funnily (according to some people who know me) - the b'lore life hasn't really changed me much - still the soft spoken, a bit shy, yet slightly obsessive, sometimes maddeningly positive n tension free character.

Song:"Metallica - Fade to Black"

Something about my job -
Accenture IS a good place to work - NO doubt. Its work environs are WAY better n much less taxing than any other IT service company. I am lucky to have got a really inspiring supervisor. But I am not really happy - My tastes lie in 'programming' and NOT in 'coding'. But coding is all that happens in such companies.Thats basically the reason why I names the blog so. - which in my case, translates to - "I am require to work, so I do and thats enough". But then, lucky nevertheless - have the best of the lot. :)
Work starts at 9AM ( I reach at 10), goes on till 6( ya.. I leave only AFTER 6.. ^_^).
Hit the gym daily ( which is true till mid April or so, after which - I have been a bit lazy... :D.. getting back into the routine slowly). Reach back at around 8.30pm. This is the routine n I am neither too happy nor sad about it.

Song: "Parikrama - But It Rained"

Other happenings:
1) a Coorg Trip - This was just amazing - It was a trip we - the 18th sept '06 batch - organized n went for. 2 Days. It was a absolute blast - it was the college batch atmosphere tat prevailed. Bus journey marked well with music/dance then in the night - there were groups - a few speaking on 'ghosts stories.. oh the creepy ones... the scary ones... all o them'... then another which fell asleep... then a few (which included me) - listening n singing (if u can call it singing.. he he) as Tommy played away with the guitar. Reaching coorg at the rite time was the best part - JUST before sunrise. We have captured some great pics of the sunrise on the cams, but its nothing like being there and just feeling it. Then came the trek... just awesome. I can go on forever on that. H eh. In the night we had a camp fire and a few games ... celebrated b'days of 3 of our dearest ones among the group - Tommy, Sabin and Rangu sir.

2. SCREEEAAAMMMM FOR ME NOW, BANGALORE! - the iron maiden concert. Bruce Dickinson had the crowd in a trance-ing frenzy - all of us head banging to their songs. My good, non-existent, GOD.. it was a HYPER EVENT! I had a strained neck for the next 3 days. They played MOST of their greatest hits plus a few from their new album. The ones which should've been added is aces high, wasted years ... well .. um.. Alexander the great ... rime of the ancient mariner... well.. a lot more! he he.. we, maiden maniacs, can never have enough! :D

Those were 2 major events that happened. Life just flowing in the high gear.

Song : "Lamb of God - 11th Hour"

Sometimes I wonder - am I just living on? is this really what I want? I dunno what I would want otherwise tho. But life is moving at a really quick pace, alright. and I have to check out what to do with my M.S. Want to do a lot more things - travel - thats one of the main priorities, protracted searches left me in the afterglow- somethings have left me lost. Some have made me understand myself, my friends, my surroundings, my world - a lot more.

Well, thats about it. Its the birth of a new age -a new phase in life - an age of understanding - an age of freedom - an age where things move at the speed of thought - I am at yet another juncture in life - any turn I take - is leads me to yet another - a sinister set of recursive turns - yeah - life is all about choosing the rite ones, relative to each one.

Song : " Iron Maiden - Alexander the great"
Maybe I 'll blog on a certain thought process that keeps running in my mind. It confirms my understanding of the world around me. But I am not able to pen it down - its way too complicated - as it just flashes in me - bits n pieces of the entire idea.

Ok, Have some rantings about b'lore -
1. Its getting frigging hot.
2. Its traffic is maddening - it gets worse by the hour (not even 'by the day')
3. Being the 2nd most polluted city is nothing to be happy about
4. Its expensive... not I am not being stingy here. It seriously is. But then - such extra costs are always attached to the 'big cities'.
5.The 'malls' have lost their value - its more of a fish market than a mall. its SO packed on weekends.
6.The city is a COMPLETE DISASTER if it rains - the drainage system overflows, the city gets congested, the traffic just stops. But if u are at home when its raining - its beautiful to watch and its really a good time. :D
7. People are 'more' easily influenced by religious sentiments than what I've seen in Kerala.
8. My mobile phone bill is sky-rocketing!

Song: "Dashboard Confessional - Vindicated"

The good points -
1. Have most of my good old friends here.
2. The new ones too. :D
3. Freedom - no1 really bothers what you do. - as in, in ekm - people comment unnecessarily about what you do. Nothing like that here.
4. Options for everything - Stuff like food, movie theaters, hang out places, dress, watches... name it ... EVERYTHING is available.
5. Getting to know different people - b'lore is a hub for IT and people from all over the globe live here. and getting to know such people - esp in work environs and also outside - u learn a lot.

Anyways.. thats about it for now.

Shall blog more frequently henceforth.

Off to do some 'free-biking'... he he...
:)>- n \m/