November 16, 2005

Welcome to my world.


So who am i? .. I am Suraj A.B. A 4th year student doing electronics and communication engg @ rajagiri school of engg n tech. I am 6' tall, abt 3' wide .. yup.. a huge guy.. abt 88kg. :D!

My interests - GAMING!!.. i am wat any layman or even many o the non-comp freaks call - 'crazy about games".. i change tat statement slightly... "passionate abt gaming!" .. yup.. i am a driven gamer... a gamer driven by a desire to win... and i don give a DAMN abt ppl who think gamin is jus kid's play... bring it ON.. i'll show u wat a gamer is made up of... i jus cant give up.I'll write more on gaming later.

other interests - chatting, listenin to music.. dependin on my mood.. so tat means.. collecting music... :D, i spend a lotta time wit my friends.. i like readin stories.. good ones .. like those by richard bach. now i'm readin P.G. Wodehouse (which for some reason, which i cant seem to comprehend, my friends jus cant agree upon...tat i am readin this cuz i like readin the "book"... fools) .. am not much into readin anyways.. read tech mags otherwise.

wat more do u want to know abt me?.. post a comment.. if i find it 'bloggable' ..wil do. :)

peace. :)>-