July 4, 2007

Now What?

I am back to blogging... finally got the net connection I was so cribbing for, at my place, here in b'lore. But now that I have the net conn, my friends laptop, most of my music, my mouse, my headset, my space.... I had ideas... yes... big ones - but now - when I finally have the time to key them down - i just get lost.

[James Newton - London (Blood Diamond OST]

I don't know what I am going to type further.... I am having a boring time in office ... my work doesn't seem to interest me at all - its something like report generation - never knew it was so much like arranging stuff on a webpage. Its boring, time consuming, coma-inducing for my brain cells- I am losing my speed to calculate.. damn. Oh well.. that goes on... it will for a few more months before I find somewhere better. (not that I have anything against my company's work culture - its just not for me).

[Sting & Alanis Morisette - King of Pain]

I had a plan to write about our planet and all the natural disasters(global warming related) and where we are heading, about our outlook towards life, about our attitude towards others, how it is all connected. I get these funny thoughts - all of them connecting well - but I am kinda unlucky that they come to me when I am least prepared to even take them down on my phone.

[DJ Tiesto & Armin Van Buuren - Wonder]

Right now I just watched an incredible video of Top Gear's James May take the Bugatti Veyron to an incredible 407kmph.. the luckiest jobs these guys have, imo. and listening to this pacey trance track - just makes me want to sit here and actually type the blog I want to... but sleep takes over.

[Armin Van Buuren - Time to say Goodbye]
So hopefully tomm, I shall blog.
Till then,

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