July 21, 2007

BrEAk LigHts

13th August 2k7.
[Microsoft-Windows Welcome music] (Search in system folder for title.wma)

Its almost 0000hrs. I had a bad day and it was due to a few reasons. First of them was the scheduled test. I was SO, SO, SO hoping that I'll be able to wind up my training with this one test. But, no, it wont. Now we have to complete some more extra stuff, take one exam on friday and ONE more the next week. Goodness... I feel like I am still in that old school/college level clearing exams... aaggghhhh!

Anyways... back to the topic... before I continue typing it out (Writer's block not helping....), let me add some music..
Blogging came to a halt after a weird problem with the net connection. Resuming the same, hope i get to complete this. Changing the title of the blog.

[Creed - One Last Breath]
Please come now I think I’m falling I’m holding on to all I think is safe It seems I found the road to nowhere And I’m trying to escape I yelled back when I heard thunder But I’m down to one last breath And with it let me say Let me say Hold me now I’m six feet from the edge and I’m thinking That maybe six feet Ain’t so far down That is my condition now. Lets go back on what all has happened. Yesterday, on my way to my friend's place - one autorikshaw fellow and Maruti Zen driver added an exclamation mark to all thats gone wrong. I dunno if more '!'s will be added on.

[Dirty Vegas -Ghosts]

Let me explain the scene. The time is around 7.15PM (1915hrs). I am riding my bike at around 35-40 (MAX) - I was going slow esp cuz I've been having a bad otherwise didn't want to invite trouble by creating an accident or something. So, I am almost at my friends place - its the main road and i have to take a right on it. Its not a junction - so I've to come to a halt on the main road - wait for the opposite side traffic to clear out so that I can cross into the small by-lane.

[Lisa Gerrad - GladiatorTheme]

I am around 100 meters from there - I have this maruti zen in front of me (The brake lights on it were not working), and I go past an autorikshaw. I move towards the centre line, put the right indicator and at that instant - the zen fellow brakes - without any indication what so ever. I am used to doing late braking myself, but this time the distance was too short and there was no indication whatsoever - coming to a dead stop in the middle of the road is not what u expect. I jam d discs and the rear brakes hard and I come to a stop, just kissing the zen in front. But in the NEXT second - this autorick fellow - supposedly had accelerated after i had crossed him - his auto didnt stand a chance to brake that quick - rammed straight into my bikes brake light console, smashing the beautiful LED light array and the carbon fibre surrounding it. AGGGRRHH!

[Gregorian Version - U2 -With or Without You]

I have never damaged my bike and I drive quick, but now - after riding slow, taking precautions, I get my bike into this condition. GOODNESS! After a brief 'talk' with the auto fellow - the gathered ppl were, surprisingly, on my side on this. Even a few auto drivers at the auto stand rite next to where this happened supported my case. But then - how much can a auto driver pay me? and that poor fools auto's front right was totally dented inwards. I have no idea how my bike's carbon fibre to that to the auto. Probably it was that sharp edge creating an impluse reaction on the auto's body. So I went left from there, dragged the bike to my friend's place. Was there for a while. Then headed back by around 9.15PM (2115hrs). Anyways, now I stand to pay around 3~4k on my 'brEAk' light assembly. I have minimum hopes on getting an insurance cover for this. Well that was yesterday.

[INXS- Afterglow]

Last two weeks - sleep's been minimal. The fun at home has now been stepped up with 4 systems being on LAN and the CS craze keeps going up. Sleep at 1AM And I wake up by 8AM. A total loss of around 3hours over the usual that I sleep. Its been taking its toll. Its not that I sleep just 7 hrs a day, uh-huh, its because I've been doing a lotta work in between. Not just office. These two weeks - I've rarely had time to think for myself, to go thru things that haven't been going all that well.

[Moby - We are all made of stars]

To top it all - the office work has become
SO boring that I don't feel like visiting the office, the training - something that all of us want to get over with, just ISN'T getting over. DAMN!

[Sting and Alanis Morisette - King of Pain]

I've been thinking these days - ok, this one is on a tangent - a generation gap - it seems SO evident now. How different our thinking is from theirs. Is it wrong - what we follow? or are we the ones who are right? Change has been ruthless here. It isn't a curve - but a step. A total shift. Like - in every field - friends, relationships, money handling, driving, everything... its so different. I haven't felt that extreme a difference in my own case, but with 90% of my friends - thats been how it is. .from our point of view - what our parents, relatives say - on many topics - is quite hard to align to. Its 'oldish'.

Are they really wrong? I dunno. Its a matter of perspective, I say. Its got a lot to do with society we have been brought up in, our beliefs.

29th August 2007. 2334Hrs.
[P.O.D- Youth of the nation]
This song is one hell of reminder of how our generation has lost its path somewhere ....

30th September 2007. 2319 Hrs.
[Gregorian Chant - Angels (Cover of Robbie Williams - Angels]

Ok, now I just read up on what I had typed out earlier... somethings have changed. My work is way better than what it used to be 1 month back. Though I still hate that I was made to cancel my vacation in the last week of Aug for Onam, I am beginning to like what I'm doing. No, it ain't challenging. It is time consuming, but keeps me engaged in a good way.

[U2-I still haven't found what I'm looking for]

... now I'm home, enjoying a four day holiday. It feels good to be home. I have taken a few important decisions for the near future. GRE takes a back seat for now. I will be applying for a re-exam in 2 months from now. I am going to continue working in accenture for some more time. On another note - i'm planning to buy a new comp for myself at the end of feb or latest by end of march. :). heh...
I have a few bets to take care off - ones which I can't afford to lose. Need to start working out for that now. Literally. :D

So thats like a tight schedule coming up for the next 3 months.... :D
Rounding up this blog...


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