October 30, 2006

A game of 5s..

LONG time since I blogged ... and say I got tagged by Vidya ... and its abt a game of 5s .. 5 this .. 5 that... anyways.. here goes..

->Ten Years Ago

1. Was 12yrs old..
2. Used to play chess and a 2D car race - Cisco.. on PC ..
3. Was still a kid - had a GI Joe collection
4. Was a thin guy (yup... u read that rite - thin :D )
5. Was very shy..

->Five Years Ago

1. 17yrs old...
2. Completed my 12th successfully and quickest at doing math-integration problems in class.. ha. ;))
3. Highly inclined towards computers/games/programming
4. 1 yr since I changed my hair style from super-short hair to relatively long hair ..heh
5. Had made my 1st real gang of friends.

->Last One Year

1. 21yrs old also in the final yr of engg course..
2. Hardcore UT2k4 gamer.
3. Had a heavy metal fan/guitarist look.. still have it..
4. Got placed into Infosys .. (now working for Accenture tho :D)
5. Wrote my GRE..


1. Was a Monday.
2. In the office, no particular work
3. Cauvery issue goes in favour of TN, panic in city - expected riots.
4. Evening spent sleeping, 'kathi' on phone, sleeping again
5. Spent time talking to friends...slept off at 10.

->Five Things Planned for next 5 Years

1. Get some work experience.
2. Go abroad for studies and complete it within these 5 yrs.
3. Hopeful 2 find some1. :)..
4. Get a better Job wit my M.S(or PhD) degree.. oh I will..
5. Visit Europe - the fields n all those beautiful places we see in movies..

->Five Yummy Things

1. Those icecreams @ corner house
2. Pal Ada ( Super sweet 'payasam'/kheer ..)
3. Paneer curry
4. Chocolates..
5. Kerala thaali.. nammude onam sadhya...

->Five Songs I know by heart

hmm... not exactly by heart.. but most parts o these songs -

1. Duran duran - Ordinary World
2. Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
3. Linkin Park - In The End
4. Metallica - Nothing else matters
5. James Blunt - You are beautiful

Know the chorus of most metal songs i listen to .. :D .. but I need to be listening to it as well.. umm.. something like tat.. u get the picture.. but ppl usually dont let me sing.. wonder why? 8- ;)) ..

->Five Things I'd do If I had Money

1. I wud own a Ferrari Enzo or maybe get my own Ferrari P4-5 made.. ha!
2. Will definitely own the best of the Alienwares PCs..
3. Will have a house in the best spot in Europe.. wherever that is.
4. Will make a trip to outer space .. jus like that russian guy went once..
5. And have MY OWN F1 team, maybe hire ferrari ;)!

sorry.. I am not going to say "charity work" n all.. it doesnt work in our country- howmuchever we try.

->Places I Escape to

1.My Room
2.My Phone
3.My comp and play UT2k4 online
4.Listen to watever is on my mp3 player
5.Read books/debate on forums.

->TV shows I cant miss

1. F1!!!!
Actually thats abt it.. I dont watch TV now-a-days.
3.Medical Detectives
4.Extreme Machines
5.EPL/Champions league

->Five Things I Can't Live Without

1. Food n water :P
2. Family n Friends (of course!)
3. PC
4. Communication grid - my phone, net conn.
5. The latest addition - my Bike!

-> Five Things I Can Live Without

1. TV serials, most of hindi, mallu movies, all other movies in regional languages
2. Alcoholic drinks and smokes
3. Non-veg food (took me sometime.. but now I am living without it. )

->Five Favourite Ethnic Cuisines

1. Onam time sadhyas :D
2. Chinese
3. Italian
4. Chaat stuff
5. .........

->Five best places to visit
(ones I have visited)
1. Kerala!! - the cities have nothing... but the natural beauty of kerala is pretty stunning. Have been to MANY in kerala
2. Coorg
3. Ooty
4. Singapore - ultra clean, beautiful, amazing all - in - all.
5. Blore - for all the hype...

->Five best places to visit
(ones I plan to visit)
1. Rome - the vatican
2. France
3. Other places in europe worth visiting
4. US of A
5. Outer space (:D :-? why not? ;) )


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