April 14, 2008

Cookery of Errors...

This work was in my drafts for a long time. Had to put it up. Completed it now. :)
'Experience is the best teacher' - someone said long time ago... we learned it the hard way.

[Strings - Zinda]

It was a saturday evening. Me, Praveen, Joel, Abe, Rony planned to prepare dinner. :D. The modus operandi was similar to an software project (We are software engineers :D .. except Rony. He works for the bank.).

[Bob Sinclair - World, Hold on]

Step 1 was planning stage. We planned to keep the requirements to a minimum and prepare veg food. That went pretty easy and everyone was very confident of getting through this nice n full :). Step 2 was procurement. Me n Joel went to the nearest supermarket to get the groceries. This too was an easy step. Rice, Onions, Coriander, egg (oh ya... this was the 1st requirements change in the cycle.), tomato, 'payar' (mallu term - english conversion - anyone?) n oh ya - 'puliyogare' ready-to-use mix

[Gary Jules - Mad World]

Time is 9PM. Step 3 began with creating the plan of action - as to how we'll go about preparing each curry. The fun began after we put the rice for cooking. We had brought white rice. Supposedly it should get cooked perfect with 7 whistles of the pressure-cooker ( 8-| ). So 7 whistles it was.... anyways. In the mean time - we got to cutting the vegetables - onions, tomato, green chilli :D.

[Moby - Porcelain]

It's 7 down and we slowly open the cooker after letting it cool down. Standard operating procedures followed. We started seeing the inevitable. The rice was overcooked and had become almost a paste. But the project had to go on and reach completion, as what was at stake were the lives of 5 great people. :) . The time was, after extraction of the rice from the cooker, 9.45PM.

[INXS - Afterglow]

Next was the convert this paste-like-rice to puliyogare. We tried mixing the ready-to-use powder - well as you can guess - it was impossible task - and it stayed so. the mix got all wrong. Disastrous. Our hopes of having a decent meal looked bleak. But not to accept defeat, we planned counter-measures. That was to create a curry using some home-made masala I had brought from home. Since the time was near 10.45PM by now -after all the mixing and disaster planning - I was sure - there is no point calling my mother to find out how to exactly use this masala. I had a very vague idea. But it was one idea anyway. So we fried few onion pieces, and mixed the masala, water - and lo! we had a ... umm... some kinda curry. Which had minimal taste.Well, that was the next failure.

[Crazytown - Black cloud]

Still we went ahead. We create the payar-curry, to some success, I must say. The time was near 11.30PM by now. And we were all terribly hungry. In a haste we made double-egg omlets for each one of us. By 12AM in the morning - it was all set to be eaten. So now - we had another problem - the puliyogare - if you can call it that - was not hot at all, the paste nature of the rice meant it got all stuck up and was like chunks of rice. But there was no other go. It was project deadline and it had to go live. So we all put on to the plate a mix of all what we made and had it.
It was not really bad. The process was a disaster.

[Craig David - Hot Stuff (Bob Sinclair World Hold on remix) ]

Like the wise man's words - experience is the best teacher. That's for all you readers! Learn how not to cook from what we did. It was a cookery of errors. :)


Achilles said...

cool post.. this was my fav. " So we fried few onion pieces, and mixed the masala, water - and lo! we had a ... umm... some kinda curry. Which had minimal taste.Well, that was the next failure."
nice experience I would say, anyways u guys didn't blow up anything..
Very strong IT Terminology noted !!! (typical SE)

Anonymous said...

You guys should work at Micro$oft. =)

Joey said...

It was plain DISASTER!!!! this could be put up under the banner - "Please DO NOT try this at home" or "How not to cook in 4 different ways".