May 18, 2006

A light in the middle of the dark tunnel??

Exams OVER! .. atleast the internals... jus one set o exams remain between me n end o my engg life.. studies will continue..

have 3 days o complete freedom here.. waiting for my friend sahil to reach cochin. me n quite a few o us have planned to have a complete blast for these days.. for there wont be a chance like this again.

I needed something to break free with... my way out - UT! Reinstalled it back for jus 4 days. and IT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD.. HELL YEAH! I play not jus for the fun.. but also to let out all tat aggression .. even when i am feeling down.. this helps .. and now i feel way too good! was feeling sick n tired o coll n exams n studies all throughout..
jus letting myself free ...

"reclaiming my life"!!

played like 10 games.. jus lost one... need to clear tat one game as well.. tat i will! gdp - moi waiting! >:)

tats it for now!



kickassso said...

i can:D

Adarsh said...

Great..practice more when u get free time